I am Emma Le Roux, passionately teaching Yoga and movement since 2008. I am also an Osteopath; I work with the body and believe we are self-healing entities given the right environment. This means reducing exposure to the very things that can thwart our health.

Movement is VITAL in maintaining our health. It is my mission to provide high quality and educational movement classes available anytime at your convenience. These classes combine the philosophies of Osteopathy, Yoga and Functional Movement. Embodiment is also an essential focus in my classes.

So what does it mean to become embodied? 

Embodiment means to feel at home within yourself, to create ease in your movements. This means flexibility beyond the physical, allowing us to integrate body, mind and spirit. Then we can play with the infinite complexities of being human and experience each moment and each breath.  


If we do not move regularly, tensions and imbalances start to appear. When we leave these issues unaddressed they worsen and start to impact other areas of our body. Sounds exhausting! But as little as 20 minutes of conscious movement each day can help us immensely.


Movement practices can bridge the gap between consciousness and bodily experience in an attempt to understand our emotions and thrive in a world where everyday stressors are thrown at us and manifest as pain and restrictions.


I invite you to move with me, to get to know yourself and give your body the gift of time and patience. Once consciousness and the physical can merge, beautiful things can happen and we can live with a calm, confident and cheerful state of mind.

A little background on myself...

I began my yoga journey with the Solomon Yogalates Method. A functional fusion of Yoga and Pilates that helped me manage my hyper mobility; a condition where joints can move beyond normal range and as a consequence are less stable and prone to injury. Having benefitted from Yogalates rehabilitative nature, I went on to study this method over the course of a year with Louise Solomon and her team of excellent teachers in Byron Bay, Australia. Yogalates provided me a solid ground work in teaching the essentials of movement, making it accessible for a broad range of people and capabilities. 

Curious to learn the philosophy and history of Yoga, I spent three months at a Rishikesh Ashraa in India, at the foothills of the Himalayas near the mouth of the healing River Ganga. This place is magical and a must for anyone curious about the the mysticism of Yoga. I was under the tutelage of Yogi Vishvekatu practicing different forms of yoga including physical asana, Karma Yoga, meditation techniques, Pranayama, Kriyas (detoxification practices), Kundalini, Kiirtan and Philosophy. 

I later discovered The Tripsichore Yoga Theatre Company led by Edward Clarke and Nikki Durrant based in North London. Tripsichore is a  highly skilled discipline involving beautiful evolving forms. I was captivated by the grace, control and strength these practitioners endowed. I learnt unlike other styles, it is specific and detailed in its technique. We would go over the most minute details over and over again, essentially we were learning a collective meditative choreography. The end result is these complex set of movements appear very simple effortless and fluid, when practiced well, practitioners are so in the moment, surfing the breath whilst shape shifting.


 I had to unlearn what I previously thought about Vinyasa Yoga. My description does it no justice as it sounds like any other generic style of Yoga (breathe and move simple right?) however it is far far from simple and Tripsichore practitioners will attest to this. I spent summer after summer learning this technique . As I unlocked new skills I'd have a rush of endorphins. Given its difficulty as you move through the levels, it's frustrating, but interestingly I have less injuries practicing this way compared to the more fast and HIIT like Vinyasa/Power Yoga styles typically offered.

My background in Tripsichore meant I offered a place as a performer with the NCDC Yoga Dance Company from 2016 - 2019. 


Tripsichore is an integral part of own practice and I apply it when teaching Vinyasa. I am currently studying for my certification to teach the method. 




  • Graduated 2017, Masters in Osteopathic Medicine, British School of Osteopathy (BSO). 


  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Medical Acupuncture CPD, 2018.


  • Sutherland Cranial Osteopathy CPD, 2019


  • Caroline Stone, Paediatrics and Obstetrics Osteopathy, 2020, continuing education.

  • The Centre for Women's Health and Wellness Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor CPD.  


  • 600 hour Solomon Yogalates, 2008, Byron Bay, Australia


  • 300 hour Akhanda Yoga, World Conscious Yoga Family, 2010 Rishikesh, India.


  • 280 hours Tripsichore Intensive, Plus Practice, Advanced and Unusual Postures 2011 - 2016





  • Registered member of General Osteopathic Council, UK (GOsC)


  • Registered member of Hong Kong Osteopathy Association (HKOA)


  • Registered Yoga Alliance UK Experienced Yoga Teacher (RYTUK)


  • Former member NCDC Yoga Performance 2016 - 2019


  • Former teaching faculty on ‘Spiralling Crow’ Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Venue Oxford, UK.

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